I am relevant and I’m not hiding anything

Getting on a plane and going to weekend seminars is one of my very favorite things to do. The most recent event I attended was aptly titled “The Big Event” and was hosted by Bob Burg and Paul Martinelli. In addition to Paul and Bob, some of the best known speakers on the planet were there including Les Brown and John Maxwell.

One of the things that surprised me was how much I enjoyed the speakers I hadn’t heard (or, with all due respect, heard of) before, like Randy Gage and Carrie Wilkerson. I was amazed at how quickly I resonated with their material and took copious notes on what they were saying. 2 things Carrie said inspired to me FINALLY get this blog rolling. She said “Get online and get over yourself” (I’ve been working on my website for over a year and still need to make just a few… more… tweeks…ugggghhhh!).

She also said something that really got me riled up. She said, “If you’re not online you’re either irrelevant or you’re hiding something”. Hmmmmmmmm, I beg your pardon! I took offense to that, until I got myself out of the way and realized she was right. How relevant can I possibly be if no one knows who I am and what I do?

So today is the day I become relevant. Today is the day I get over myself. No one cares what theme I choose, or what color scheme I select. And no matter how long I work on it, I clearly won’t win an award for “Best Website Ever Created”.

One of the many pearls I received came from the master himself, Mr. Bob Burg when he said “Knowledge without action is like having no knowledge at all.Hmmmmm…  I’ve got plenty of knowledge: I know I need a website.  I know how to make one.  I know how to write.  I know how to upload a photo and add widgets.  And I know I can edit it, or even take it down at anytime.

So here it is: My very first post on my very first Mind Over Matter Coaching Blog. Go easy on me, I’m a rookie and today this rookie is taking action.



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4 responses to “I am relevant and I’m not hiding anything

  1. Whitney

    You go girl!! *Insert snappy hand motion here*
    Awesome first post…really well-written and funny and quick. Looking forward to reading more about the very relevant you.
    PS-Is it strange that I thought that eye/hair was mine when I first saw it??

  2. I think what I said was… your audience will assume if you are not online it is because you are not relevant or hiding something 😉

    (just wanted to clarify)

    Either way – SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

    • Ha ha~you’re right Carrie~ I forgot the “your audience will assume” part! But your were talking fast and I was writing fast ;o) What you said made a big impact as you can see. Thanks for the inspiration!
      I SO enjoyed your talk and look forward to learning more about and from you. Thanks again ~L

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