Simply…The Law of Attraction

In sitting down to write this post (I’ve been at it for over an hour, and I just keep writing, deleting and starting over) these words just popped into my mind (and not a moment too soon!):


I know I do understand it well enough, so what’s the problem?  There is no problem, unless I say so and I say let’s keep this simple…

My passion as a coach, a mom, a friend, a colleague, an acquaintance …… is to share what I understand about The Law of Attraction.  My purpose for doing this is so we can experience life better, easier and have more fun on a consistent basis.  So here’s the simple scoop on The Law of Attraction, as I understand it:

1. Everything vibrates at a specific, measurable frequency
2. We can only attract things to us that are on a similar frequency of vibration
3. Good-Feeling-Thoughts aka GFT’s (love, joy, enthusiasm, optimism, happiness, abundance) vibrate at a higher frequency than BFT’s or Bad-Feeling Thoughts (anger, frustration, worry, doubt, fear, poverty)
4. All the things we want will come towards us (notice I didn’t say “to us”. They come towards us and we just have to meet them halfway :o) ) when we are a vibrational match.
5. That is the LAW

So what we want to do is FEEL GOOD way more than we FEEL not-so-good.
And there you have it: The Law of Attraction explained simply. How’d I do?

*Explained to me by my friend and mentor, Paul Martinelli



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2 responses to “Simply…The Law of Attraction

  1. Mary Silva

    What a perfect summary of the Law of Attraction! Yes, it was difficult when you first sat down to write the blog because OMG~osh… how many chapters and entire books have been written about L of A…. Soooo thanks for your simple, and very powerful words! If BFT’s could only be out-LAWed:) xoMP

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