Don’t assume your junk mail is junk

Since starting my coaching practice in 2006, I haven’t really worked as a nurse, although I certainly want to maintain an active license.  New Jersey requires that nurses participate in continuing education as part of the license renewal process. For me, obtaining these credits felt like a chore, because I don’t have the same level of interest in medical office management or recent advances in diabetes or the latest and greatest antidepressants, as I once did.

So you can imagine my excitement when I took a 2nd look at what I had dismissed as “junk mail” yesterday.  It was a flyer titled “The Immune System: The Mind-Body Connection~Who Gets Sick and Who Stays Well”.  This class is actually being taught by a psychiatrist who’s done a lot of research on the effect of mood and attitude on our physical well-being.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Type B Personality: replacing hostility and urgency with caring and mindfulness
  • Treating Depression: seeing challenges as temporary, solvable and impersonal
  • Emotional Resilience: how thoughts influence physiology and immune suppression

Needless to say, I registered for the class and am so looking forward to learning and sharing the medical research behind the Mind-Body Connection.  Funny, I’ve often wondered how I could integrate my nursing experience with my passion for coaching people on the power of their mind.  So grateful my intuition had me take a 2nd look at something I’d put in the trash.  I’ll keep you posted and until then THINK healthy, because YOU ARE.


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One response to “Don’t assume your junk mail is junk

  1. MP

    Hi Lindar. Cool stuff… the Mind-Body Connection. The amazaing studies and research on our brains proves this mind-body connection time and time again. Do you recall the guy on the “Yes is the Destination, NO is how you get there….” dvd that mentioned stroke patients having to do extensive therapy to re-train their brains to do things that they couldn’t do anymore… and he related that to the POWER we have to use our powerful minds to change our thinking… I wish I could remember his name and exactly what he said!…I will have to watch it again. Your blog made me think of him.
    Thanks, MOM. xoMP

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