Being World Famous

One of my favorite ways to learn is to study with my mentor, Paul Martinelli. Anyone who knows me, knows what a HUGE fan I am.  Today Paul taught a lesson on what it means to be “World Famous.”  The lesson centered on The World Famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.  If you have a minute, check out some of the bios of the fish mongers.  It’s obvious these guys absolutely, positively LOVE what they do each day.
Paul talked about the experience these guys provide to anyone who visits the Fish Market.  It is not about selling fish. Paul explained it simply as doing these 4 things: 

1. BE there
2. Play
3. Make their day
4. Choose your attitude

He went on to point out we can all choose to be World Famous….. Anythings!  I can be a World Famous friend, mom, coach, sister, neighbor, niece, student, customer, emailer, nurse, animal lover…….ANYTHING!
I love this idea and I intend to begin right this minute NOW to be a World Famous…… hmmmm….. what… do… I…want…to… A BLOGGER!  I AM a World Famous Blogger!  So what if I’ve only been at it a week? And so what if I can’t figure out how to add all the plug-ins?
2. I AM definitely playing.
4. I (almost) always have a terrific attitude and
3. I really hope I’ve made your day by sharing this idea so you, too can be world-famous!
Woo HOOOO!  I AM a World Famous Blogger!  What are YOU World Famous for?  Come on…Play with me!!! :o)


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3 responses to “Being World Famous

  1. Julie Larson

    Sounds fun… I want to play!!! And yes, you did make my day 🙂

  2. Whitney

    haha the bios are pretty funny. sound like very cool guys…

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