The Law of Attraction Loves Facebook

One of the things I do as a coach (maybe the only thing…hmmmmmmm…) is to help people remain focused on what they want. We work hard to clearly define our goals and then we work hard at creating that picture in our minds. The picture is key. Once you have a clearly defined picture, your responsibility is to

1. Focus on the picture
2. Let yourself get emotionally involved with the picture
3. Take action and “put it out there”.

A common question is HOW do I put it out there?  Answering that question is a lot less ambiguous now that we have an amazing tool called Facebook. Talk about putting it “out there”~ Mama Leone!!!  No matter how many or few friends we have on Facebook, when we post something, we are literally putting it out to the world.  We have no idea who might see us through a friend…or a friend of a friend…of a friend.

One of my goals is to continually attract open-minded, optimistic people who want to learn more about The Law of Attraction.  This blog is one of the action steps I took to “put it out there”.  I recently connected with someone I haven’t seen for 30 years.  We found each other on Facebook, he read my blog, yadda, yadda, yadda…he invited me the be the guest speaker at his health club Open House next month.  Without Facebook, I might still have attracted Eddie Halper and this great opportunity.  But then again….

What great connections have you made because of Facebook?  What experiences and opportunities and relationships have come to you through Facebook that may otherwise have slipped by?  These aren’t rhetorical questions~I’d really love to know.



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2 responses to “The Law of Attraction Loves Facebook

  1. Whitney

    I can’t think of any connections that I made because of facebook, but I can think of about a hundred that I’ve kept because of facebook. And through those connections, I can see what cool things everyone’s been up to and it def inspired me to keep me moving forward…

  2. Mary Silva

    Well, MOM… we found you through facebook! John found you after almost 30 years and read about your “Beyond the Secret” seminar…. We attended… and so it all began. Think and Grow Rich mastermind, coaching, Mission in Commission, The Go+Giver….. And the rest is still unwritten:)

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