We Don’t Need to Know HOW

It’s true, no kidding! We do not need to know HOW we’re going to achieve something we truly want. Now I fully realize how crazy that sounds, yet I assure you, it is the absolute opposite of crazy.

We are taught, from an early age, that we need to have a plan; we need to know all the steps involved to get to our goals. And while having a logical, organized plan is certainly beneficial, it is also the very thing that prevents most people from really going for what they want.

Most times what we really want is so utterly different from what we currently have, that trying to figure out a plan paralyzes us. We don’t see a logical way it could happen, so we forfeit the goal. We say “forget it” or “what’s the use?” because we can’t figure out the HOW. This kind of thinking sends out a signal to the Universe that says “I’ll just stay right where I am, no matter how dissatisfied I might be, I’ll just stay here, because I can’t see any logical way to get to where I’d rather be, so I’ll just stay here. It’s OK, I’m fine…heavy sigh”

I think my favorite part of coaching is hearing the stories of the “cool coincidences” people experience.  It usually starts with someone saying “listen to this!”  or “you’re gonna love this!”  And I do!  I listen and I love it because I know that what they might call good fortune had little to do with luck or chance.  The serendipitous  event had to do with someone declaring what they truly want  and moving their feet, without giving much thought to the HOW.  The HOW is the responsibility of the Universe and here’s the really great news: The Universe is conspiring to help you!



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2 responses to “We Don’t Need to Know HOW

  1. Upbeat and inspiring. I feel that a lot of success is simply luck and who you know. But, for some of us, all we have is drive and losing that kills any momentum. I see it mostly with artists. They get to be about twenty-five and start thinking it isn’t going to happen and just lose momentum.

    I agree, planning is great (and important) but it’s meaningless if you don’t start getting yourself moving.

    • Thanks Matt, I’m glad you found inspiration in the post.
      I used to think luck was a factor in success, but have come to believe we create the “luck” through our consistent attention to what we want and the belief in our ability to do it. Of course we require the help of others, but I’ve found the others seem to show up as a result of our focus and persistence.
      Thanks again for the comment. I’m a new blogger, and I truly appreciate it!

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