“This is Linda, and I can help you”

When I call to schedule service for my car, the young woman who answers the phone says “Thank you for calling ______.  This is Jennifer and I can help you.”  I still remember the first time she said that to me a few years ago.  I was, for a moment, speechless.  Then I said “Wow! I love that!”

I went on to tell Jennifer I had never heard anyone answer the phone like that before and how welcome it made me feel.  Assuming it was a mandate from the powers that be, I asked her if she minded saying all that.  She replied “Not at all.  I think it sounds really nice and it’s actually less words.”   Well, whadda-ya-know?  How can I help you (5 words)  I can help you (4 words)    Less IS more~much more!

At the time, I was managing a medical practice  and I thought what a brilliant way to answer the phone at any business, but certainly at a doctor’s office.  Most people have some degree of discomfort, either physical or emotional, when they call a doctor and this simple greeting would really put them at ease.  Needless to say, we implemented the change immediately and received consistent comments from our patients about how nice it made them feel.  So reassuring to know the person you’re speaking with cares (evident by the greeting itself) and can help you. Although the receptionist probably can’t answer your medical question, he or she CAN get you to the person who can, which is helping you.  Did I say brilliant?!

This happened over 10 years ago and I’m still talking about it.  I still remember Jennifer’s name and her age at the time (23) and the fact that it was she who came up with the idea., not the powers that be!  Jennifer doesn’t work there anymore, but the greeting remains.  It remains at that dealership and at our medical office and probably many other businesses who saw the value of saying less and serving more.  Makes me wonder what other “little” things I might do to add more value to the people I serve.  Hmmmmmm…….
Ideas welcomed and much appreciated.



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2 responses to ““This is Linda, and I can help you”

  1. What a great experience Linda! Thanks so much for sharing! Amazing how shifting around a word or two can make a huge difference! The power of words!!

    • Thank you and welcome back Melissa! The power of words indeed~you’ve taught me (among other things) how important the right words are ie. shift vs. change. So glad I’ve shifted my thinking :o)

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