The Go-Giver, I’m not talking about the book!

Without question, one of my all-time favorite books is The-Go-Giver written by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  As the subtitle indicates, this is “a little story about a powerful business idea.”  I like it and the follow-up, “Go-Givers Sell More” so much that I have partnered with Bob Burg and become certified to teach this wonderful material. But I’m not here to talk about the book; I’m here to talk about the principles of the book and just how powerful these ideas are.

One of the “The 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success” as outlined in this gem, is The Law of Influence, which says: Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first. Last Friday I witnessed first-hand, just how powerful this law is is.

As a (relatively speaking, of course) new blogger I enjoy checking my stats to see how many people read my blog and which posts they read?  Some days I’m thrilled and some days I’m a little dismayed.  Last Friday I was overwhelmed (and somewhat confused) to see that by 10AM my page had received more views in 2 hours than the entire 3 months I’ve been blogging! What the…?!?!?!

Wow!  I am so awesome!  I totally rock at blogging!  They like me…they really like me!  On and on I went, high five-ing myself in the mirror while smiling ear-to-ear.  If it weren’t 10AM, I likely would have cracked open a bottle of champagne!

Eventually, I regained my composure and proceeded to catch up on reading my favorite blogs.  It was then I became humbly aware of why my post did so well that day.  Bob Burg, the master Go-Giver himself, had posted an accolade and a link to my blog on his Facebook wall 2 hours earlier.  In other words, he beautifully illustrated The Law of Influence~ He abundantly(and graciously) put my interests first!

Bob Burg is one of the most sought-after, entertaining speakers on the planet and a critically acclaimed author of best-selling books which have been translated into 18 languages.  On Friday he read my blog and proceeded to share it with thousands of others who know, like and trust him.  He put my interests first and he, among other things, made my day!

Needless to say, I am humbled and grateful for Bob’s friendship and gracious actions.  Moreover, I’m grateful for the valuable lessons he teaches, not only through his books, but through this talk-walking example.  I am grateful to know that, although I am not a best-selling author or a world famous coach, I (and you) can and do add tremendous value to the lives of others by putting their interests first!



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4 responses to “The Go-Giver, I’m not talking about the book!

  1. Mary Silva

    Wow! What else can I say!!??!! And for the record, Linda … are the ultimate Go-Giver….. always putting other’s interests first!

  2. Whitney

    Hahaha I enjoy the whole post, but especially the part about you high-fiving yourself in the mirror. Typical Linda Ryan.

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