What Are You Today?

Do you ever notice what you’re thinking as you make the transition from sleep to awakeness?  (Is awakeness even a word?) You know, those moments when you first wake up and you’re laying in bed thinking “What day is it?  What time is it?  What do I have on my agenda today?…..”

As I woke up this morning, the first thought I was aware of thinking was “What am I today?”  I literally heard that question in my head.  And what followed was a rapid string of somewhat tense thoughts that sounded something like this…”Happy or sad?  Busy schedule or slow?  Energetic or tired?  Organized or chaotic?  Productive or lazy?  Relaxed or stressed?  Worried or confident?  Did I turn the dishwasher on last night?  Should I go for a walk?  Maybe I’ll write………”  Whoa, whoa, WHOA!!!  Slow down there Missy!  It’s only 5AM and you’ve been awake for less than a minute and you are thinking WAY too much!  Let’s try this again…

What really got my attention was that I actually questioned (unconsciously, but still….) if I was happy.  Being fully awake now, I realize just how ridiculous that thought was~ Am I happy?!  HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!  I’ve just had a great night’s sleep, preceded by an awesome corned beef and cabbage dinner, I’m awake, breathing, cozy and safe in my home (not to mention countless other things that are working well) and there’s my not-really-awake-yet mind asking such an absurd question.  Jeeeeeez!

I consider myself, both by default and design, a pretty happy and grateful person.  Yet here I was, basically questioning if today was going to be a good day.  Ludicrous bordering on comical when you think about it, because here’s the truth: You and I get to (and definitely should) decide all these things each day, before our feet even hit the ground.  We get to decide if we’re happy or sad, relaxed or stressed, busy or slow.  I know it may not seem like that sometimes, but it’s true nonetheless.  The damage I might have caused to my day by not catching myself, laughing at myself and re-directing my thoughts could have been brutal.

Bottom line, we get to decide what kind of day it’s going to be, because we get to choose our thoughts.  If, by chance, you find yourself thinking “I’m so busy, tired, stressed, over-booked, worried……. catch yourself, laugh at yourself, inform yourself that those thoughts are not facts, they’re merely thoughts,  and then choose yourself some better ones.  What are you today?


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