It’s a Conspiracy Theory!

When we hear the term “conspiracy theory” we probably conjure up a picture of someone (usually the bad guys) plotting against us.  So here’s a conspiracy theory, which many (including moi) believe is a fact, which summons a different picture:
The Universe is conspiring to help you!

Think of the possibilities!  The Universe, God, Infinite Intelligence, this Higher Power, whatever you choose to call it, is conspiring to help YOU.  Now even if you don’t fully believe it, just consider it.  What if all this Law of Attraction stuff is true?  What if we really do become what we think about, as Earl Nightingale suggested?

As I see it, we have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain~and enjoy and celebrate and appreciate.  There is no downside risk!  If you’d like to test this theory, here’s my suggestion:
1. Decide what you want
2. Think about having it more than you think about not having it
3. Keep telling yourself “The Universe is conspiring to help me”
4. Pay attention, look for evidence, notice what you notice.

Life is meant to be fun and dynamic and easy…so easy.  That doesn’t mean lazy, it means uncomplicated.  Whatever your goals, whatever your dreams, whatever your challenges or obstacles…Take it EASY today!  Remember…




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7 responses to “It’s a Conspiracy Theory!

  1. Another awesome article. Yes, if there is going to be a conspiracy, it might as well be “for us rather than agin’ us.” :-). And, I’m always amazed by how many times, even when something seems to have gone wrong, it turned out to be exactly what it took to bring everything together perfectly for a result that worked out even better than what was planned. Thank you for the great reminder!

  2. Kevin Horne

    WOW!! Love this article Linda! Totally agree with Bob!
    Things just don’t happen…things happen JUST!

  3. Mary Silva

    Wow, Lindar! Another great blog…. And how ironic (not really) that we had that conversation about my appointment in Hoboken/the COOL story from Joe! I will have to forward this to him:). Oh… and how true about the easy and uncomplicated part! You are the best!

    • Thanks Mary. It’s so great watching you apply this in your life, even more than you already did. And as we see, the cool stories get cooler AND more frequent as we take it EASY and just allow it to happen. The key, as you know so well, is to keep thinking about what you want. You are getting really, REALLY good at that! :o)

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