How Can We Feel Good When Things Are Bad?

In our last post we discussed the importance of feeling good so we can attract the good we want.  By far, the most common question I hear from people is:  How the heck am I supposed to feel good when I’m surrounded by, and therefore constantly reminded of my current reality, which makes me feel bad?

Let me start by acknowledging the obvious~ it sounds crazy!  The idea of feeling rich when your bank account is empty sounds crazy.  Feeling healthy when your body is dealing with illness sounds crazy.  Feeling lean and fit when the mirror tells you you’re overweight and flabby sounds crazy.  It may sound crazy, yet it is the most sensible and worthwhile thing you can do.  But how?

Let me continue by clarifying and hopefully reassuring you that you can do this~anyone can!  And the reason we can, is because we have free will~the ability to choose our thoughts.  I realize it doesn’t feel like that sometimes, but it’s true, nontheless.

Here’s some good news: you don’t have to go from zero to infinity, on the scale of feelings, in one full swoop.  You start by simply feeling  “just a little more” rich, healthy, lean, happy…and then a little more.

Picture a piece of loose leaf paper and imagine there are 100 horizontal lines on it.  Now let the middle line, line number 50, represent neutral.  Trace over that line with a black marker.  When you’re feeling ho-hum (not too good, not too bad) you are vibrating at a frequency somewhere around line number 50.  If you are worried, angry, anxious, etc you may be down around 20 or 30.  When you’re happy, excited, optimistic, you may be up around 70 or 80.  The objective is to move up the scale, but you don’t have to (and probably shouldn’t even try to) shoot straight up to 100. In fact, trying to do that will likely make you feel worse, so just go for (and celebrate!) baby steps.

If you’re at 50, ask yourself  “how can I move up to a 51?”  Maybe you can think about a future event (a vacation, a party, a lunch date) that you’re looking forward to.  Perhaps you can look out the window and look for something beautiful.  You can likely move from a 50 to a 60 or even higher, just by using gratitude; think of all the things you do have which are going well.

Another great way to feel better is to not just look out the window; walk through the door.  Get outside; get with nature.  Go out there and force yourself to look at and ponder anything and everything you can see.  Let yourself wonder how the heck a  flower blooms, or a tree grows, or a squirrel climbs a tree, or a dog is so utterly happy just because he’s going for a walk.  Give yourself permission to wonder!

What about if you’re below line number 50~way below?  Maybe you’re dealing with something really challenging and you can’t seem to stop thinking and worrying about it.  Here’s where you really need to get creative and muster up your willpower.  Use your memory.  Think of a time when you were extremely happy.  Maybe you were in love, or passed a big exam, or gave birth, or sold your house, or won the lottery.  Go back, mentally, to that time and let yourself remember how awesome you felt.  Really get into it!  Try to conjure up the feelings you were feeling at that time.  The mental faculty of memory serves us well and this is one of the ways it’s useful.

There are countless other ways to help ourselves feel better and I’d love to hear some of your ideas.  In the meantime, know that just trying to feel better will help you feel better.  Our normal (not natural, but normal) tendency is to marinade in the problem.  Instead, let’s get busy watching funny movies, or getting out in nature or feeling grateful for what’s going right.  And more than anything, know that moving up that piece of paper, even just one line, does wonders for attracting better and better things into your day.  I know it’s hard and I know it sounds crazy, but I promise (and I rarely promise anything) it makes ALL the difference!  Happy Feeling Good Today :o)


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