3 Magic Words

“Knowledge without action is like having no knowledge at all.”

Bob Burg, perhaps best known as the co-author of “The Go-Giver” said that, and I think it is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard.  You can be the most knowledgeable person on the planet, but if you don’t take action, no one will ever know; more important, no one will ever benefit from your knowledge.

Many of us (OK, maybe it’s just me) tend to take a long time finishing things.  Part of that has to do with our habits and conditioning and beliefs.  If we believe we procrastinate, we procrastinate.  If we believe we never finish anything, we never finish anything.  If we believe we (fill in the blank), we (fill in the blank).  It perpetuates itself because we believe it.

The good news (there’s always good news!) is we can begin to change the behavior by using these 3 simple words: Up Until Now!
Try adding those words to your sentence and notice the difference in how it feels.  Instead of saying “I never finish anything”, try saying  “Up until now, I’ve rarely finished anything.”  Instead of saying “I’m so out of shape”, say “Up until now I’ve been out of shape.”  Instead of saying “my desk is always a mess!” try “up until now, my desk has been a mess!”

Have some fun with this!  Whatever you may be dissatisfied with, you can quickly begin to feel less dissatisfied, simply by adding those words.  By saying “up until now” you send out a signal that says “not any more!”  You alter your thinking… which alters how you’re feeling… which alters your vibration… which shifts you to a new frequency… which moves your body into action.

This can also be accomplished with positive affirmations, however many people struggle with those because it feels like a lie.  For example, if you are always late for appointments and you create the affirmation “I’m always 5 minutes early”, your conscious mind knows that’s a lie.  Granted, in time it will sink in and you will form the new habit of being 5 minutes early, but that can take a while.  By saying “up until now I’ve always been late” you’re telling the truth (which is just easier to accept) AND you’re changing the belief by proclaiming it’s a thing of the past.

So, up until now, I’ve taken too long to publish my blog posts and sometimes have to wait until the next day.  Up until now!


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