Who is MOM?

My name is Linda Ryan and I am a Registered Nurse, a certified Life Coach and president of Mind Over Matter Coaching. The acronym for my company is M.O.M., yet I don’t do “Mom” coaching or give much parenting advice (although conceiving/birthing/raising 3 awesome kids probably qualifies me)

I chose the name Mind Over Matter because it symbolizes what I feel is fundamental information in this experience called Life.  Mind is a concept, an energy,  a creative source we are all gifted with at birth.  Nobody gets more or less of it; we all get the same amount.  The key is to understand how it works and then how to use it to get the most benefit.

I was fortunate to have some great teachers of this information show up in my life.  The first was Bob Proctor.  It was his teaching, coaching and mentorship many years ago that introduced me to the idea that I actually had control over my thoughts.  Through study, I learned that I had this control not some of the time, but all of the time; not just when things were going good~but even and especially when things were going bad.

I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say I hit my rock bottom almost 10 years ago. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being as good as it gets and 1 being as bad as I could handle), I went from a 9 to a 1.  In a period of 4 months, I lost my marriage, my best friend, my financial security, a career that I loved and I nearly lost one of my children.  It was the understanding and application of this thinking that I believe kept me out of the looney bin.

In 2006 I attended a Bob Proctor seminar in Pittsburgh, PA. During the first break, I turned to the stranger next to me and said “I soooo want to work for him.”  You see, for years I had admired not only Bob’s material, but also the way he treated people and appreciated people and the energy that surrounded him.  I silently longed to be a part of that.  I didn’t actually think it was a possibility, but I still allowed myself to want it.

That stranger grabbed my hand, walked me across the room and introduced me to a man named Paul Martinelli.  Paul was Bob Proctor’s right-hand-man and the coordinator of his LifeSuccess Consultant training program.  The stranger said “Paul, this is Linda Ryan and she said she’d like to work with Bob.”  I quickly interrupted, “I wasn’t actually serious!  Bob lives in Toronto and I live in New Jersey. I was just talking….” Paul chimed in “I live in Florida and Sandy lives in Seattle.  Bob trains consultants all over the world to teach his material!”

WHOA!  In that instant, absolutely everything changed.  I was attending the seminar for the purpose of gaining clarity on my goals and vision for my future as a single mom.  I was hoping to be educated and motivated and inspired, as I embarked on my journey to find the perfect Nursing opportunity.  I didn’t realize actually working with or for or next to Bob Proctor actually existed, yet here it was being presented to me.  All I had to do was say “Yes!”

What happened next was something I now help others do; I crashed through a Terror Barrier!  I said “Yes!” to my dream and “No!” to my fears. I unconsciously went through a 4 step process that I now understand and help others experience.
1. Thoughts: I began to imagine life as a certified LifeSuccess Consultant.
2. Feelings: I got emotionally involved with this new idea.
3. Actions: I said “Yes!”, made my down-payment and began training the very next week.
4. Results: For the past 4 years I’ve been living my dream and enjoying the gift of doing what I love and loving what I do.  I help others learn how to tap into the unlimited potential which exists within each of us.  A small shift in thinking can cause an enormous shift in results.


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